Thursday, May 17, 2012

At last!

At last a charge that reflects the crime.

It's taken a while because it was back in January when a B-double truck careered across the dual-carriage Hume Highway and crushed a car, killing all three people in it. Charges of manslaughter have now been laid against the truck driver, Vincent Samuel George, who was allegedly under the influence of methadone at the time.

The three manslaughter charges are in addition to the three 'dangerous driving causing death' charges brought against him in February.

Not being legally trained I don't know how difficult it is to lay a charge of manslaughter in the case of a driving death, but I'd like to see it much more often. Speeding, jumping red lights, under the influence of alcohol or drugs...they're all deliberate and if they end in a death the charge should reflect that.

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