Friday, May 11, 2012

Another own goal

"Mr Abbott's got to get off Sydney's north shore and go and talk to some real families and get himself in the real world."

I'm sure the Prime Minister thought she'd come up with a smart, clever put down for the leader of the opposition when she said that.

Unbelievably stupid is actually what it was.

Stupid on more than one level too.

It predictably caused outrage, some the usual political faked outrage and some real, which has taken focus off the budget, off the government's achievements and back to the slanging match.

It says the PM doesn't believe residents of the north shore are real families who live in the real world.

It shrieks of class warfare.

It puts the government on the defensive again.

The response has ranged from anger to satire to ridicule. All deserved if you say something as stupid as that.

Plenty of letters to the papers, ABC Sydney radio had a long session on it, the media is full of it.

The so-called north shore is much more than a shoreline strip, it extends back many likometres, covers a huge area and is home to well over a million people.

It's no surprise that such a huge area has everything from mansions on big blocks to blocks of small units. People in well paid jobs to people on minimum wage, and people who are unemployed.

They're very real and they face the same realities as others.

The polls are saying that not many people will vote Labor in the next federal election. I bet there'll be even less from the north shore now.

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