Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes, I really enjoyed the food

In my last post before I flew to Dubai I said I was 'looking forward to real Indian food...and in particular my favourite Lebanese food.'

Our favourite for Indian meals is India Palace in The Walk at JBR in Dubai Marina.

 Crispy, spicy, oven-fresh while you're reading the huge menu...

 Top quality, authentic, tasty dishes, as spicy as you want them:

Mouth cleansing herbs & spices at the end:

Naturally we went more than once and it was, as usual, never less than excellent. All that food and a bottle of mineral water, less than $25.


Anonymous said...

Best Indian food in Dubai has to be Ravis in Satwa, not the one behind the York International hotel in Bur Dubai, but the Satwa one. Not much to look at, but it is as close to home cooking as you can get. It's actually even advertised in the Emirate's magazine on the plane.

Most people I know, tourists and residents alike, give it the thumbs up. We use to eat there throughout the year and even use to close our Fasts there during Ramadhan. 2 dishes including drinks used to total about 30 Dhirams if that. And we are talking 2011.

Seabee said...

Ravis has been a great restaurant for decades. I first ate there over 30 years ago and the food's stayed consistently good over all that time.

Anonymous said...

Good, cheap and straight to the point. We've been eating there for about 10 years and it never lets us down. Anyway, at least you enjoyed your trip back to Dubai including the food wherever it was.

Take care.

Seabee said...

Anon@7.03, only one strange meal during the month in Dubai - I'll try tp post about it tomorrow,