Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weather everywhere

Home on the Central Coast of New South Wales has continued with this year's bad weather while I've been away.

Last week seemed from reports I've been reading to have been non-stop torrential downpours, 150mm in 24 hours at one point.

Our local paper had some interesting photos of the flash flooding resulting from all the rain. Like this one:

 Photo. Mark Scott, Express Advocate

The shoes must be very precious to him.

And demonstrating bureaucrats' obsession with stating the bleedin' obvious:

Photo. Express Advocate

Meanwhile in Dubai the past few days have been the worst kind, with air you chew rather than breathe. After the sandstorms, although there's been little or no wind, the air is full of dust.

I'm heading off back to Oz on Wednesday where the forecast is possible showers and daytime temps of around 24C.

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