Sunday, April 15, 2012

We've had weather

The picture the world has of Dubai is probably something like this:

True of some of it of course, but Dubai actually covers a small area in a vast sandy desert.

And there are plenty of sandy areas in the city itself, undeveloped blocks in the developed areas:

All that sand in and around the place means problems in strong winds.  I was driving along in clear weather on Thursday when a wind came out of nowhere and as I passed one of these sandy blocks the visibility suddenly dropped to a hundred metres.

Not only was the air suddenly full of sand but as the wind built all kinds of things started blowing about. Bits of trees, the inevitable plastic bags, all kinds of construction-related stuff.  It made driving very interesting.

Overnight we had rain, which settled the sand and cleared the dust from the air, but there was evidence all around of the previous day's weather:

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