Thursday, April 19, 2012

True competition

Being in Dubai highlights just how bad Australia's retail situation is for us consumers, with the total dominance of just two groups, Coles & Woolworths.  I last posted about it  here.  

Over 70% of our grocery spending is in their hands. That's not only bad for us economically but our choices of products is increasingly limited because just two companies decide what they're going to offer us.     

This lack of choice is highlighted by the truly competitive market in Dubai.

Within a few minutes walk of our apartment in Dubai Marina we have a choice of five big supermarkets; Waitrose, Carrefour, Choitram, Spinneys, Al Maya. 

Waitrose and Choitram    
Also within a short walk we have a dozen small independent supermarkets and convenience stores to choose from.

And then within a few minutes drive we have three huge hypermarkets, Carrefour, Geant and Lulu, plus many more independents.

Within ten minutes we have the choice of nearly thirty outlets, products from all over the world, low prices reflecting the competition.

Sadly it's far too late for us to have competition, and choices, in Oz. What we can buy and what we have to pay for it is in just two hands.

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