Sunday, April 01, 2012

Too much information

I know I'm far from alone when I say that high on the list of annoying things in Dubai is companies demanding personal  information which has no bearing on what they're supplying.

It's come up again with the newly appointed building management company for the block in which we own an apartment.

Their Occupant Information Form has just been handed out. It asks basic and relevant information such as name and contact details of the apartment's owners, whether the apartment is owner occupied or leased, the parking bay(s) number(s), number of occupants.

I have no problem telling them that.


In large red type at the top is "Please complete this form attaching a copy of your Passport, visa page & Title Deed Copy/Tenancy Contract Copy (if tenanted)"

The form includes demands for our electricity/water, gas account number, vehicle(s) registration number(s).

And Employed Staff (if applicable) name, nationality, passport number and visa expiry date.

These people are not Immigration, not the police, not a utilities supplier. They're no more than a building maintenance company.

I've given them what they need to know and no more. I'm expecting a call,  during which it's inevitable that I'll become very angry and very loud.

It's all so unnecessary but sadly it's par for the course.

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