Sunday, April 15, 2012

Costly non airport

A PS to my last post about the talk but no action on Sydney's deperately needed new/second airport.

The federal Infrastructure & Transport Minister has joined the debate with some interesting figures.

Anthony Albanese makes the point that the discussions have gone on for thirty years, several sites have been proposed, nothing has actually happened.

In 2000 Sydney was the gateway for half the arrivals into Australia and although that's gone down to 41% now it's still the major gateway.  Yet Melbourne's Tullamarine is more than double the size and Brisbane is three times the size.

Mr Albanese points out the obvious, that Sydney airport's limitations are damaging Australia's economy. A point worth emphasising because he says that by 2035 the cost to GDP of turning away flights will be $6 billion, and about $35 billion by 2060.

"This issue must be beyond short-term politics. It needs a mature bipartisan approach. Sydney is our gateway to the nation and the world. This joint report shows beyond doubt, we can afford to ignore these facts no longer."

With the politicians we have the approach will not be mature, will not be bipartisan and the facts will be ignored. The debate will still be going on in another thirty years.

AAP's report in Sydney Morning Herald is here

Sunday update

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has made a decision (which in itself is a remarkable achievement).  There will be no second Sydney airport.  SMH report is here.

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