Monday, April 30, 2012

Bottom of the barrel

We're scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as our elected representatives are concerned.

They don't even bother to pretend anymore that they're interested in the country or us.

Hypocrites, demonstrating clearly that their only interest is self interest, their own positions, power and the benefits it brings.

We have the opposition faking disgust that the government exists only because they have the support of the Greens and independents. "Disgraceful, the government must resign", they screech endlessly.

Yet they did their utmost to do the same deal with the Greens and independents after the election so that they could govern with exactly the same support.

And let's not forget that the Opposition is a combination of two parties anyway, the Liberals propped up by the Nationals. On their own they wouldn't win power.

They're appalled, they claim, that the Prime Minister has been supporting the Speaker, they're stressing the man's weaknesses and failings. Yet he's one of their party, a man supported by them for election after election.

Never a word or move against him while they could count on his vote.

Then we have the government.

The pokie reform promise to Andrew Wilkie to get him onside scrapped the moment they had an extra vote in the House.

That vote gained by the shonky deal to make Slipper Speaker.

After weeks of supporting them - hypocritical cliches about presumption of innocence, right to defend themselves,when it was actually only about votes in parliament - the PM suddenly decides a line has been crossed.

If a line has been crossed it was right at the beginning, nothing's changed in relation to the allegations.

Again it's simply about party politics, retaining power, keeping their positions and jobs.

Then we have the media's role, and again we've been let down.

We're now getting articles * about both Thomson and Slipper, telling us they've always been dodgy. Politicians of both parties have long known the problems, so have many 'journalists' we're told.

So why weren't questions asked way back then? Why was no digging done, why no revelations of inappropriate behaviour that they now say they've long known about?

And why didn't their parties replace them with more suitable people?

The same goes for all the other crooks, incompetents and self-serving hypocrites who're foisted on us at election time.

It's all starting to seriously affect our international standing and our economy too.

Almost unique in the world we have a strong economy, strong currency, low unemployment, no austerity measures causing riots, and we haven't had to borrow or print trillions of dollars to get where we are.

But that's being overshadowed by the infantile politics being played out in Canberra. No policies, no vision, no dicussions about the country, the economy or the future, just party politics with fake outrage in an attempt to keep or gain power.

The world and the markets see, note and act on that.

Democracy gives us the opportunity to get rid of incompetent clowns. But it's meaningless if we only have other incompetent clowns to replace them with.

I despair.

* An example from the Sydney Morning Herald tells us that Slipper trouble goes back 10 years
    Another about Thomson tells us that powerbroker Graham Richardson had warned Labor's head office about the dangers of preselecting Mr Thomson in Dobell before the 2010 election

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