Friday, April 06, 2012

Bad driving is universal

In spite of improvements over the past few years, Dubai drivers are justifiably well known for their aggressive, inconsiderate, dangerous habits.

(We've had a couple of typical examples this morning just going for coffee, a dangerous tailgater desperate to exceed the speed limit and a cutter-upper).

I wrote about it many times on my 'Life in Dubai'  blog, from horrific multi-vehicle multi-fatality fiery crashes to more light-hearted examples, such as this one  which  gives a glimpse of some of the problems.  But whether serious or lighthearted they all point to drivers not giving a damn about other road users.

Some of the posts under the 'driving' label, though, pointed out that Dubai isn't the only city to have moronic drivers.

Another example of that fact is reported in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

In summary, an eighteen year old learner driver has been charged with speeding at 105kph in a 50kph zone, using a mobile phone while driving, driving in a manner dangerous to the public, and driving with a suspended licence (a suspended licence already when he's still only a learner?!!)

Oh, and just incidentally, when a highway patrol officer signalled for him to pull his vehicle over, the driver allegedly accelerated and swerved towards him, forcing the officer to jump out of the way.

He's eighteen so he probably has more than half a century of driving time ahead of him. Plenty of time to kill more than a few people I'd have thought, given his attitude.

I wish I was the judge he'll come up before.

The story in SMH is here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Seabee

I haven't been back to Dubai since I left in November 2009. I have spoken to a few people who were left behind but they now have also left for good. A business colleague stopped over last year December 2011 but could not give me a full update on how Dubai feels and looks.

I know this is not relevant to the Bad Driving post, but please tell me how Dubai currently stands in your opinion? I do sometimes have the 'itch' to move back, but something just tells me it is not worth it again. The Financial Crisis, the lack of consistency of applying the Law, the Totalitarian Rulership, the Banks not helping businesses, the amount of people in prison for owing debts, the increased school fees, the lack of 'western' expats and one final reason is what one of my buddies said. Quote 'why would you move back to a place where overnight you can lose everything on the basis of an allegation. Someone just has to make an allegation against you which could be bogus and you could end up behind bars for a few days. Why even take the risk'?

Is it as bad as I think it is or is it back to the way it was in 2007 and so forth?

Your views would be welcome. Biased or Non Biased.

Seabee said...

Anon@10.36, that's a huge and complex question but I'll give you my view briefly.

If you don't like the fundamentals of the system of government, the laws and their application, bank service, school fees, it seems you've got reasons not to move back. That's a personal decision which will vary with different people.

'Lack of western expats' is not true, there are still many hundreds of thousands living in Dubai.

The financial crisis was global, not limited to Dubai, and just about the whole world is suffering, many many places hit much worse than Dubai. And many of those places (think US, Greece, Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy etc etc) are still struggling with austerity measures, recession, unemployment, housing crises, social unrest.

Fron 2002 Dubai had a dual economy, the real and original commercial/trading/retail/tourism economy and the new property sector. The property sector, which got all the headlines good and bad, was driven by stupidity, incompetence and greed and inevitably the bubble burst.

The GFC hit the property sector, the real economy was always pretty steady and is still strong and growing. Retail sales are up and growing, the restaurants are crowded, hotels have good occupancy, well-run businesses are doing well.

Back to the way it was in 2007? You mean just before the GFC hit?

Nowhere is back to those unsustainable times and hopefully we never will go back there (although as people never learn from their mistakes, human nature doesn't change and what was needed from governments hasn't been done, my guess is that we will sometime end up back in the same situation).

Anonymous said...

Dear Seabee

Thank you for the reply.

Much appreciated.

Seabee said...

You're welcome :-)