Friday, March 02, 2012

Wrong again

Our tabloid-style gossip-obsessed 'journalists' have got it wrong again.

The opposition has egg on its collective face too, after days of childish questions and comments.

The subject this time is the appointment of our new Foreign Minister following Kevin Rudd's resignation. Ex-NSW Premier Bob Carr will join the senate to replace Mark Arbib, who resigned his seat, and become our new Foreign Minister.

We've had days of the Prime Minister being ridiculed in the media and the House, the gossip being that she had offered the job to Carr but been overruled by members of her cabinet, in particular by Stephen Smith who wanted the job.

The stories were that only a day or two after her resounding leadership contest win she still had no authority and was being controlled by the real power, the 'bogeyfaceless men' the Opposition keep rabbiting on about.

Speculation, predictions and gossip. Even the so-called 'quality' media has plunged down to that level of 'journalism'.

Do they just make it up or do they believe 'sources' without realising the 'sources' have their own agenda? Whichever it is it's poor, lazy journalism.

In the reshuffle, Robert McClelland lost his front bench position.  A spokesperson said he will confer with his family and will issue a statement regarding his future intentions later today.

I feel a tearful 'it's been an honour to serve the people'  press conference' coming on.

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