Sunday, March 11, 2012

More truck deaths, more tampering.

We should be astonished when something that's common knowledge is completely unknown to the authorities.

Sadly we're not at all surprised because it's par for the course.

What's known to the public is a complete mystery to those who should be in control of it.

The current big one is a subject I've posted about a couple of times recently, killer trucks on our roads.

We other drivers, and people living beside our highways, have been complaining for years about trucks speeding, tailgating, and about the agressive driving of so many truck drivers.

'Not true' said the politicians, the trucking industry, the RMS (ex RTA) and the police. 'A handful of cowboy drivers only, and we're weeding them out'. 'Anyway, trucks are mechanically limited to 100kph'.

We knew that was rubbish, we could see what was really happening every day on our roads.

Only when three people were crushed by a B-double , coming as it did soon after another  B-double smashed into houses on the Pacific Highway,   did the authorities start to take any action.

A surprise to the authorities, but well known to the rest of us, was that it's a widespread problem, trucks routinely speed, aggressive truck driving is not limited to a handful of rogue drivers.

Not only are individual drivers guilty but major trucking companies are involved. After the blitz on Lennons which revealed that company's involvement, police have decided to raid another company, Scott's Transport Industries, after one of its trucks was clocked at 142kph.

The investigation is ongoing but so far eighteen of their trucks have been found to have had the speed limiter tampered with.

And there was yet another double fatality involving a truck a couple of days ago.

On the M5 motorway a car braked to avoid a ladder which fell off a van. The semi-trailer behind it smashed into the back of the car, killing two of its female passengers.

The truck, laden with pipes, finally came to a stop in the grass median strip, metres from crashing
head-on into traffic on the other carriageway.

Can't stop? You're driving too close - tailgating.

 As I've said so many times before, we need serious ongoing inspections of trucks, we need inspection stations open 24/7, we need random checks of drivers for drugs and alcohol.

And we need rail freight to replace road freight to get these huge trucks off our roads.

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Bush Mechanic said...

A West Australian truckie has been charged after police found a widescreen television attached to the dashboard of his semi-trailer.