Friday, March 02, 2012

Letting them get away with it

Back to the subject of trucks and truckies being allowed by authorities to get away with endangering other road users, which I talked about it in one of   my earlier posts  on the Hume Highway triple fatality.

Bits of information are dribbling out in relation to that crash. The latest is that the B-double which crushed three people had the day before been caught speeding at 133kph, in spite of trucks having 100kph speed limiters fitted by law. Driver Vincent George was fined but allowed to carry on driving.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, police were following guidelines, never made public, from the Roads & Maritime Service (the old RTA).

The policy gives police the discretion not to issue a defects order if the truck is speeding downhill in neutral.

Twenty-five metres long, fifty tonnes, freewheeling downhill at over 130kph. That's professional, responsible drivng!

Which idiot wrote that policy?  Which idiots approved it as policy? And why didn't the police ignore it?

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