Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Small but nasty

We have plenty of wildlife around including regular visits from Rainbow Lorikeets, Kookaburras and even a pair of King Parrots.

Less welcome, much less, is the abundance of spiders.

This one I very nearly walked into a little earlier:

Big but harmless, it's a Golden Orb.

Much nastier was one of these my neighbour found wandering around the garden on Sunday, a Mouse Spider:

And even nastier, because my neighbour on the other side was bitten by one last week, is the White Tail:

Very painful I'm assured, large swellings, an urgent drive to the doctor and a few days to recover.

There seem to have been many more spiders around this year than usual, a result of our very damp summer I guess.

The bottom two photos are from the excellent website of the  Australian Museum

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