Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Like Dubai' cliche

My blogger pal Jad Aoun has been waging a campaign for a while now.

He says on his blog profile: "Welcome to the place where I track the over-used, tired, cliche to describe destruction, demise and doom: looks like Beirut". 

He sends out The Looks Like Beirut Certificate to the guilty parties.

I'm thinking of copying his idea in relation to Dubai, having seen a number of 'like Dubai' references to new developments.

The latest is Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, commenting on James Packer's proposal to build a high rise hotel at Barangaroo.

She doesn't like his plan ''to plonk a clumsy Dubai-style hotel" in the development.

Have a look at jadaoun here

Clover Moore's comments here

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Jad Aoun said...

I couldn't agree more - a "like Dubai" certificate should do the trick.