Monday, February 27, 2012

Gillard 71, Rudd 31.

In spite of all the white anting that's been going on to destabilise the government, designed to get Rudd back the job of leader, they're exactly where they were when his party fired him.

Seventy percent of them don't want him as their leader.

It's achieved exactly nothing in the personal ambition stakes but it's severely damaged their party and it's been damaging for Australia.

From the leaks before the last election all the way through to today it's been a distraction, obviously taking focus away from what governments are elected to do.

I'm not holding my breath but maybe now they can get back to doing the job we pay them, and pay them well, to do - run the country.

Watching ministers in tears as they said who they would be voting for and listening to the self indulgent speeches has been nauseating.

I'm sick and tired of self serving, self important, self indulgent politicians, blatantly interested in nothing but their own position of power, influence, privilege and money, insulting us - as Rudd did in his loser's speech  - by parroting "we serve the people of Australia, not ourselves"

They say it when they resign too - 'it's been a privilege to serve the people'. Senator Mark Arbib has just done it in his resignation speech following the leadership election. That also included the tired old 'need to spend more time with my family' - as though the same doesn't apply to people working all hours but not in politics.

The old cliche about people getting the politicians they deserve is yet another cliche that can't be right. We don't deserve the rabble we currently have in Canberra, surely.

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