Monday, February 20, 2012

Enough already

For weeks now the main story in the press has been ex-Prime Minister Rudd's alleged upcoming challenge to unseat incumbent PM Julia Gillard. More than the main story, it spills over to the inside pages, the editorial and columnist pages too.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that nothing else is going on when, even with a minority government, things are in fact happening.

The traditional media rants and raves against the 'new' media of the internet, against bloggers, against Twitter. They need to take a close look at their own role in their decreasing relevance.

Gossip in place of real news, endless opinion polls about how the political parties would fare 'if an election was held now' - which it isn't, an obsession with personalities and 'celebrities', a complete lack of balance.

It's no wonder we're turning increasingly to the wierd world web for our news.

The media frenzy about the alleged challenge has reached such a pitch that the government seems to have been sucked into it. Front and back benchers and party officials are increasingly talking to the media about it rather than the real issues. It's reached the stage where it's started to dominate the agenda.

Ploughing through the pages of it you keep reading that Mr Rudd is going to mount a challenge but he isn't going to because he has nowhere near the numbers he needs to win.

The real story - and it's only worth publishing as a one-off  -  is that not surprisingly Mr Rudd would like his old job back, but he doesn't have the support to get it.

That's it, print it - once - and move on to more important things.

As the media isn't going to do that there's only one answer.

The PM has to call a leadership election herself.  Ask her rivals to put up or shut up. Have the vote and put an end to the nonsense now.

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