Friday, February 03, 2012

Different eyes

There's a Reuters story on our richest person, Gina Rinehart, which has the headline "Australia's iron lady on road to world-scale wealth - report'

The story has been picked up by the paper I read each morning when I'm in Dubai, Gulf News. But they seem to have seen it through different eyes and the way they've headlined it amused me: "Widow amasses fortune worth $18b"

Sounds very different doesn't it.

Here are the stories: Reuters   and   Gulf News


LDU said...

With the current comments on this blog, it seems your readership were a lot more interested in you Life in Dubai, alone.

Seabee said...

There's far more interest from the Wierd World Web about Dubai than about Oz it seems. (Just like the mainstream media which has many more Dubai stories than Oz stories).

I get only a fraction of the unique hits on this Oz blog that I got (and still get) on my Dubai blog.

It appears that not many people google for info about Australia.