Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Another Canberra farce

So much of what comes out of Canberra is farcical, and the 'security scare'  debacle is up there with the best.

The catalyst for it is making news because the Opposition is trying to make political capital out of the involvement of  'the PM's Office'. It's another one of those ridiculous instances of an inanimate object being blamed for an action.

It's down to individual people, not places. A PR from the PM's office tipped off a contact who tipped off protesters that Opposition leader Tony Abbott had made some remarks about them. And that he was nearby (with the PM).

A staffer hoping to gain brownie points and a contact with her own agenda. Not 'the PM's office'.

Naturally, in the telling the tale changed to something the protesters wouldn't like, so off they went to shout at TA.

And that's when it turned into a Monty Python sketch.

The pollies were in a glass fronted restaurant and the protesters started banging on the windows.

The security detail interpreted it as a physical threat to the PM and TA and decided they had to run for it.

Well, TA should run for it, the PM needed for some reason to be manhandled by her guards...

 Photo. AAP

Photo. Alex Ellinghausen
TA, white shirt blue tie, not being manhandled by the guards. The PM, on the other hand, looks as though she's being wrestled to the ground by a member of her Close Personal Protection team.

I wasn't there so I can't comment on the level of danger or whether the mad dash for the car was necessary. But the way it was carried out does raise questions.

Was there no other way out of the restaurant, the only option being to charge through the crowd?

Was it necessary to drag the PM along in such an undignified way?

Wouldn't they have moved quicker had she been allowed to run too?

Why are the uniformed police pushing & shoving at the rear, shouldn't they have been to front and sides?

Was there no assessment of possible protests? It was Australia Day (Invasion Day to aboriginals) and it was only metres from the so-called tent embassy protest.

In the end it looked like a panic-stricken stuff up.

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