Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More truck fatalities

After the B-double truck smashed through houses on the Pacific Highway, I posted my firm belief  that these huge freight trucks must be phased off our roads.

Today three more people have been killed in a collision with another B-double truck.

"A B-double truck collided with a car on the Hume Highway, near Menangle, about 11.25am (AEDT) on Tuesday, crushing the vehicle and killing its three occupants.

The accident happened on the Menangle Bridge over the Nepean River, with the B-double's fuel tank rupturing and spewing the fuel into the water below.

Initial reports suggest the truck was travelling south when it crashed into a guard rail on the highway and careered onto the other side of the road.

The three occupants of the car, whose ages and sex are not yet known, died at the scene after the truck drove over the top of them, flattening their vehicle like a pancake."

It happened just a few hours after another B-double and a truck (some reports say two B-doubles) had a crash on the Newell Highway near Dubbo. One truck exploded into flames, incinerating the driver.

But like so much else that urgently needs action, nothing will be done. Lots of hand-wringing from politicians but they're hand-in-glove with vested interests. The rule is money before all else.

The trucks will continue to blight our roads and innocent people will continue to be killed.

The story and photo are at Nine News

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