Sunday, January 08, 2012

More truck deaths

Yet another fatal crash involving a truck. This one even worse than usual.

Once again it was on the Pacific Highway.  A B-double truck and a ute hit each other and the truck slammed into two houses.

Reports say it was caused by the ute driver being on the wrong side of the road. No information as yet whether speed, driver fatigue or anything else was a contributing factor.

A young boy, asleep in his bed, was killed outright as was the ute driver and eight are injured, some critically according to reports.

While it may well have been the ute driver's fault, the damage was caused by the truck and it reinforces the fact that these huge, heavy, unwieldy trucks have to be phased put. We have to get them off our roads.

The only people who don't want to get them off the road seem to be the trucking lobby and our politicians.  The rest of us understand that freight should be carried by rail.

As usual the road is blamed, as is the lack of a speed camera. It was on a non-divided stretch of the highway. And a speed camera there had beend eactivated some time previously as it was deemed to be simply there to generate income.

Of course the roads are a contributing factor, they're not designed to take the huge trucks that use them. We simply don't have the roads to carry huge, wide, long, heavy trucks.

But we can't upgrade every road in the country into a dual carriageway with wide lanes to accommodate them.

It's not just on unimproved country stretches of the Pacific Highway that huge trucks are inappropriate. Other road users have to contend with them even into Sydney on the incredibly narrow and busy lanes of the Pacific Highway through the northern suburbs. Even good truck drivers can't  keep the bloody things in one lane and it's even worse on the corners and sharp bends.

And that's the good drivers.

Then there are the cowboys with their weaving about, speeding, lane changing, tailgating, to make it all much worse.

The answer is to get the freight onto rail and take the trucks off the roads. And only the government can do that

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