Thursday, January 12, 2012

A fire reminder

It's been easy in this cold wet summer to forget that we're in the bushfire season. But it doesn't take much for fires to appear.

We've had a couple of warm sunny days, then yesterday we had strong NE winds all day. Perfect fire weather and we've had a couple.

One of them was here on the Central Coast where about 100 hectares are reported to have burnt. The fire started in grassland but the wind took it across a road and away it went. 

It took many hours but eventually firefighters supported by a water-dropping helicopter managed to control it.

No reports of property damage or injuries to people, fortunately.


Duffy said...

Silly Seabee it's winter not summer! ;-)

Seabee said...

Well yes, where you are Duffy but down here on the bottom of the world it's allegedly summer. Today was sort-of like it but most of it's been much more like winter. They had snow over in Victoria the other day - not normal summer weather!

Duffy said...

Yeah I guess dry humor is difficult to express over teh interwebs.

Oddly we're have a very mild winter here. Only had a dusting of snow which is unusual for this late in the season.