Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cricket trivia

We're about to trounce the Indians in the Test match over in WA...again.

With their formidable batting line-up it was predicted to be a close and exciting series but the Indians have badly underperformed, unfortunately. We like to see our team win but we also like  a real battle. So far it's been far from that.

What I find fascinating with the Australian team is that although we often make high scores, most of the batsmen fail so often. The high scores we rack up are all-too-often down to one or two batsmen with high individual scores.

Our first innings over at the WACA is a good example.

Total was 369...but 254 of the runs were from two batsmen. The next five batsmen averaged  only 10 runs each. (The four bowlers got sixty runs between them at an average of 15 each).

In the amazing earlier match at the SCG the first three batsmen managed a miserable total of 24 runs, an average of 8 each. The huge final score was due to the next three batsmen putting on over 600 runs.

In the last series, against South Africa, it was the same story. First Test, first innings total was 284 with one batsman getting 151 of them. The other six batsmen managed 70 at an average of 12 each.

In the second innings no-one made a score and the seven batsmen ashamed themselves with a total of 15 runs. (The four bowlers made 32).

The first innings of the second Test was back to relying on one or two batsmen to get a score. Two batsmen made 166 between them, the other five only added 59, average 12 each.

The second innings was unusual in that four batsmen made scores, with the other three failing. Four made 221 but the other three only contributed 13 runs.

I know, I should have better things to do. I'm not obsessing about it, it's just something that I've noticed over the past few years.

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