Monday, January 16, 2012

2.1 a bit

We were diverted around this an hour ago.

Signs you can't miss on both sides of the bridge telling drivers that clearance is 2.1 metres.

You'd think an allegedly professional driver would know the height of his vehicle, but obviously not.


Rory said...

I was going to say just let the tyres down a bit. Then I looked closely at the picture!

Seabee said...

Yes Rory, the recovery crew had done that.

Bush Mechanic said...

Many years ago, a young cattle truck driver was so proud of his new truck coming into the Dandenong livestock market as he passed under the railway line. Later when he left the market sans his cattle, he collected the bridge when the unladen truck raised up on its suspension.

Several roof top bicycle carrying cars have also met similar fate when the driver forgets the bike was on the roof.