Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brunei pics

The two weeks in Brunei were in the country's second largest city, Kuala Belait.  Second largest but it's very small - the town centre is three streets covering an area of about 100 metres X 250 metres.

There's a very nice little park on the riverfront next to the hotel we stayed in and that's where I took this photo.  They obviously take littering very seriously:

This sign in the main street intrigued me, especially the second item that can be treated:

Small country town it may be but multi-tasking has reached Kuala Belait in a big way:

Brunei is very close to the equator so it gets rain. Lots of it. So they have big open drains to run the water off:

 You need to watch where you're walking so you don't fall in...but that's only half the problem;

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