Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Time for a whinge

I'm really never at my best in the mornings, especially before I've had my coffee.

And the standard of service - total lack of service is more accurate - in our coffee shops here in Terrigal makes it even harder for me to plunge into the day.

My regular place, Vanilla on Church, is closed on Tuesdays so I have to go elsewhere.

The choice is limited for me because all but two of the many cafes insist on serving trendy boutique designer coffee. And most of it is awful stuff. (If I drank cappuccino or latte it might be OK but I don't, I drink long black without sugar so there's nothing to disguise the taste).

I tried the first one this morning, sat for ten minutes while the waitresses waitpersons gathered around the till and ignored the customers. I gave up waving my arms about and left after five minutes.

Tried the other one and the waitpersons weren't gathered in a flock but they still ignored the customers.

I'm convinced there's a waitperson college where they're taught the art of looking around the cafe/restaurant without ever making eye contact with customers or looking at the tables.

Where they're taught that after delivering something to a table they must return to the counter empty handed, walking past cluttered tables but not picking up a cup or a plate.

I sat for nearly ten minutes, waving my arms about, until a customer service executive wandered over to ask whether I'd been served yet.

If I hadn't been suffering caffeine deprivation I'd have left after five minutes.

It makes me wonder whether it's the service they expect and accept themselves when they go out for a coffee or a meal.

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