Monday, November 07, 2011

Holiday snaps

I took my UK visitors down to Brooklyn today, a place I haven't visited since we moved up to the Central Coast about fourteen years ago. We used to drive up there for the day from Sydney before that and I'd almost forgotten what a pleasant place it is.

I only took a couple of photos but I thought I'd share them:

Brooklyn's just off the F3 not far north from the Wahroonga interchange, has a marina, a fisherman's co-operative, a pub and a few shops, a handful of restaurants including a couple of seafood restaurants that look good (and I'll try one day soon for lunch I think).


Anonymous said...

read your blog from time to time are you settling back seamlessly-
have friends who are still over in uae-in abu dhabi-
i think they'll remain there -
they did look at also coming back-but the $$ and leave entitlements are too attractive-c'pd to what they would get here
also jobs in their areas have also become tight here also

Seabee said...

Yes, settled back easily & happily.

We didn't go to Dubai for the money this time (we've lived there a total of 13 years, six this time and seven way back when) but I can understand your friends' decision to stay there.