Wednesday, November 23, 2011

G'day from Brunei

Been here a week, flying back to Dubai on Saturday evening, then back to Terrigal mid-December.

The week here so far has been sunny, hot and humid. Tropical downpours but they've been during the night. The one exception was Saturday when we had a trip planned into the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.

The driver picked us up after lunch for the 1.5 hour drive and it rained all the way. That limited our sightseeing, but there's very little to see anyway.

We had a look around the two major tourist attractions, the Royal Regalia Exhibition and the Brunei Museum.

I was completely underwhelmed.

Then a visit to one of the two major mosques. Beautiful, but I've seen so many beautiful mosques that it was a bit ho-hum I'm afraid.

So it was a drive back in the rain for another hour and a half plus. Very little to make nearly four hours in the car worthwhile.

Sunday was planned to be a full day sightseeing, but having established there are virtually no sights to see we cancelled it.

A tourist destination it ain't. It's a business destination, which is the reason we're here of course.

I have plenty of photographs but I forgot to pack some cables and I can't upload them to my computer. I'll do that when we're back in Dubai and post them then.

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