Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unnecessary gloom

We have very low unemployment, one of the strongest economies in the developed world, companies making good profits, a resources boom, a high standard of living and high quality of life. Yet there's nothing in the air but doom and gloom.

Retail billionaire Gerry Harvey commented on the paradox recently in his usual blunt style when he said "Australians should be as happy as pigs in shit".

The relentless negativity is being driven from the top, from our elected leaders, leaders of business and the media. Their focus is nothing but their own interest and to hell with what's good for the country.

The federal opposition's deliberate strategy is negativity. Keep shouting that everything the government does is wrong, play the fear card, drum up support for that view and with a minority government the chances of getting into power are improved.

Big business like the miners and banks, in spite of making record profits bigger than many countries' GDP, are running negative fear campaigns against any new regulation or tax.

The media concentrates on negativity, highlighting all the negative spin the opposition and companies are pushing and publishing whatever bad news they can find from home and abroad.

Example, we had a week of reports that a vast convoy of trucks, cars and caravans several kilometres long was massing to descend on Canberra from all over Australia. The so called  Convoy Of No Confidence in the government was to protest against the proposed carbon tax, the mining super profits tax, the short-lived ban on live animal exports to Indonesia.

Not by coincidence, those are the things the vested interest cabal has been concentrating on.

The convoy would block all roads around the capital and bring the entire city to a halt.

It was classic alarmist stuff and in reality there were no problems. The start of the rally was delayed because so few had bothered to turn up. Naturally the opposition addressed them to whip up more fear amongst the few hundred protestors and the ABC reported the leader of the opposition even took the opportunity to drive the lead truck into town.

For more negativity the media runs opinion polls every few days on the performance of the government, the popularity of the PM, people's preferred leader of the ruling party. They endlessly fuel speculation about a leadership challenge, undermining the PM's authority and standing.

White anting is the phrase for it.

The relentless negativity, whingeing and predictions of doom eventually get through to people and take us on a downward spiral to gloom and depression.

But as long as our leaders think of nothing but themselves and their own interests it won't change. And it won't change because they're not about to put the interests of the country first.

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