Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The sky is falling!! Again.

More negativity and another repeat scare campaign from vested interests, this time AFL and rugby clubs combining their efforts and money to oppose the government's proposed attempt to help problem gamblers.

The idea, in simple terms, is to have gamblers using high-cost poker machines commit to a limit on their bet. That is, you think you can afford to lose $100, you set that as your limit. When you've lost it, as you will, the bar comes down.

The clubs - which in reality are as much casinos as football clubs - are using the same old tired untrue scare claims as others before them. It'll be the end of the clubs, they'll have to stop their sponsorship of Good Things, there will be massive job losses.

These are clubs with billion dollar TV deals and more sponsorship than you can poke a stick at. Yet a curb on people giving them even more money, which they can often ill afford, by pumping it into the clubs' pokies will mean the end of the world as we know it.

Of course, many people will fall for the nonsense, just as they do with so much crap from politicians, business leaders and others. I'm encouraged though by the thrust of most of the comments left on media reports about the campaign, which demonstrate that there are people who see it for what it is.

Read the Herald's report here.

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Bush Mechanic said...

I'm so happy to hear west aussies are happy with the status quo of one casino in Perth. Lowest gambling per capita in Oz. Healthy finances of the football clubs. Maybe the Eastern states football teams should cap the salary of the team managers, not just the players.