Monday, September 05, 2011

Help with the gardening

With all the rain there was over the past few months our garden when we arrived back was a lush green. Unfortunately most of it was weeds:

There was, still is, a lot to do in the house so I hadn't got around to the garden. But a volunteer came in and he's done a great job clearing the weeds:

He works hard and long every day, digging out the weeds and taking them away.

Here he is:

Hes building a nest, or mound, and'as brush turkeys build HUGE mounds he needs all the greenery he can get.


Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Weeded and fertilised all through one machine, amazing!

Quite a drop in the garden, did you put the terracing in?

Seabee said...

Yes Rupert, it was a very steep lawn when we moved in, on which it was impossible to control the mower. After several near-death experiences we put in the heavy labouring needed to change it into terraces.

Now with the turkey's help I'll gradually get it back looking as it should.