Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bushfires have started

After the big wet we've had there's a worrying amount of fuel for bush and grass fires, so all it needed was a spell of warm dry weather.

Leura fire. Photo. Nick Moir, Sydney Morning Herald

The big problem fire seems to be at Leura in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney which the Rural Fire Service has listed as Out of Control.

They have thirty fire trucks and three helicopters trying to protect property but they're having to work in the thing the fire fighters hate most, swirling strong winds. The weather bureau has issued severe wind weather warnings for several areas and wind is around 50kph with gusts of over 100kph.

The gum trees around my house are bending and whipping about in the gusts and there's a very loud noise from the wind blasting through the trees.

The RFS website currently has 80 incidents listed. In addition to Leura there are three others with an alert level of Watch & Act and status of Out of Control.

The advice for that level is: When you hear a Bushfire Watch and Act Message, it means a fire has started and conditions are changing. The fire danger rating will probably be very high to severe. Your life may be under threat and you need to act now to protect your family and your neighbours.

The warm weather is forecast to last all week and the winds will be with us through tomorrow too.

RFS website.

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