Thursday, August 25, 2011

Third time lucky

At the third time of trying the shipper finally delivered our belongings. A week late, drama along the way but it's here.

The RTA kept the container for nearly a week doing whatever tests they needed to do in relation to the crash into our neighbour's house.

I would have thought all they needed it for would have been to check that it was secured properly (it was) and that the weight was OK for the truck (it was). 

Why that took a week is anyone's guess.

We found surprisingly little damage, considering. But naturally the stuff that was damaged was stuff I'd have put on the 'please take special care of this item' list.

A beautiful art deco floor lamp (I'm a collector of art deco) shattered. A unique art deco flower vase badly damaged.

A prized hand carved very large Thai wooden horse now only has one ear.

The fax machine is now in two parts, two paintings have smashed frames and glass, but the paintings themselves are OK.

I anticipated much worse after what it had been through.

A sea voyage from Dubai. From and back to base here when the first truck broke down on the F3. Back up the F3 followed by the crash into the neighbour's house followed by the whole rig being lifted up by crane, then dragged at 45 degrees out of the neighbour's drive.

A week with the RTA, back to base, unpacked and loaded onto a furniture truck, then finally up the F3 yet again.

There were 120 packages in all but we managed to get the majority unpacked so the delivery guys could take the packing material away. I'm glad they did because it was almost a full truckload.

We still had twenty or so boxes unopened when they left - clothing, bedding and books mainly - and all that packing material is cluttering up the garage until they come to take it away next week.

And I tell you what, I'm aching all over. Moving furniture around, carrying boxes of books from room to room, assembling shelving is manual labour the muscles aren't used to.

A rest from it tomorrow because we're in Sydney all day.

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