Friday, August 19, 2011

Still camping

We have no date for the container with all our belongings to be delivered. It's still on the truck and the whole rig is with the RTA while they investigate how and why it ended up in the front of a neighbour's house.

So we're still camping, but thankfully in this weather it's indoor camping. We have power, heating, functioning bathrooms and kitchen, a few odd chairs and a kitchen table. We also have a couple of suitcases of clothing so we're not too uncomfortable.

We won't know what damage there is to our belongings until the container's eventually delivered and unpacked.

It's got the usual fragile glass stuff you have around the house - mirrors, table tops, shelves, lamps, pictures, drinking glasses, crockery - but anything could be damaged in a crash like that.

Fortunately for the people involved, the house and hopefully our stuff in the container, the truck didn't have much speed when it ran into the house. The damage was really caused by the weight rather than speed.

It was a huge slice of luck that no-one was hurt and you'll see why if I describe the location.

Our street, like many in Oz, runs along the crest of a hill. Our side has  enough level land for houses, then the back gardens drop away down a hill.

The opposite side has no level land, it drops away just a couple of metres from the street. The houses on that side have their entrances at that ground level but the land drops away so sharply that from just inside the front wall there's a lower level. In other words, in effect they have their front doors on the first floor.

The house the truck hit has a downward drive and the roof eaves are level with the road, so it's a steep slope. Joining the end of their drive to the front of the house is (was) a timber deck. Fortunately the deck is more than a metre above the ground at that point.

The runaway truck's front wheels demolished the decking and it lurched into the abyss. The bottom of the chassis jammed on the concrete edge of the driveway and that's what stopped it.

The second photo in my previous post gives an idea of the layout.

Had the truck gone into the house, remember, that would have been at first floor level, so it would have crashed through the floor to the lower level.

I don't think there's any doubt that it would literally have totally destroyed the house and it would all have careered on down the hill.  If that had happened the two people in the house and the truck driver wouldn't be with us now.

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