Monday, August 01, 2011

Nearly there

I did the final paperwork for the move back to Oz today, which was cancelling the Dubai residence visas.

My sponsor did mine but as I sponsor Mrs Seabee I had to battle the bureaucracy myself to get hers cancelled. And to get back my deposit of AED10,000 ($2,5000), which I had to pay to get her visa in the first place.

Actually, for a government department, it wasn't too bad. Waiting around is inevitable but it's an orderly numbered tickets system and plenty of seating while you wait to be called.

For the visa cancellation you need both sponsor and sponsored's passport, your airline tickets showing that you're actually leaving, the inevitable photocopies of it all and an Arabic letter detailing what it is you're applying for.

Every office has a small, crowded, chaotic typing centre which issues the appropriate letter, for a small fee and after a long wait.

Deposit refund is another section, another numbered ticket, another long wait in the typing office for an Arabic letter, photocopies of all the cancellation paperwork, a walk in the 50C heat to the bank branch outside where after a short wait I was given my deposit back in cash.

So that's all the paperwork done and the flight is booked, arriving in Sydney on the fourteenth.

The tracking system says the ship with our container has arrived on schedule in Sydney. Customs and Quarantine will take a couple of weeks or maybe a bit longer, so hopefully it should be delivered not too long after we arrive.

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