Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting there

If you've been though a house move you'll know the chaos you have to put up with for a good few days.

Furniture is, generally, in the right rooms but not where you finally want it.

We have polished timber floors in most rooms and just dragging furniture around isn't good, it damages the floors. So each piece needs to be lifted and moved carefully. I can tell you the muscles feel it fairly quickly...

You have to sort out the artwork to decide which pictures will hang where. Then do all the measuring to get the picture hooks in the right place...after dashing off to the hardware store to get the hooks.

The kitchen is probably the worst. Piles of crockery, glasses, kitchen gadgets all needing to be put somewhere. And usually the first place isn't right when you start to use them, so you move it all around to different drawers and cupboards.

Clothing is much the same. The first priority is to unpack it and hang it in wardrobes or put it in drawers. But when you start to use it you realise it's all over the place and getting dressed means walking about looking for the next item.

So that gets moved too, at least once.

And setting up the electrical equipment. If you move from overseas as we have the plugs have pins that don't fit the sockets so they all have to be replaced.

Wire up speakers, amps, CD players, radios...then you find out that some were damaged in the move. Or in our case, maybe in the crash into our neighbour's house.

But we're getting there.

Most of the heavy lifting is done and most rooms are sort-of organised. At least with the furniture in place and  most of the artwork hanging in place...with gaps where the damaged ones will hang when they're repaired with new frames and glass.

From here it's mainly tidying up. Moving stuff to more convenient cupboards, getting all the books and music sorted out on the right shelves or in the right cupboards.

We had plumbers in last week for half a day upgrading the taps and fittings in two bathrooms and next week we need to organise an electrician to replace seven or eight old light fittings with new ones.

Then I'll have to get out into the garden to see what needs doing there.

Never a dull moment.


Gnomad said...

I know how you feel, we moved simultaneously from a four bedroom villa in Saudi and a three bedroom apartment in the Philippines into a two bedroom cottage in England. Needless to say it didn't all fit, despite what we gave away before leaving.

Seabee said...

Fortunately we're the opposite, our house is very much bigger than the apartment in Dubai so fitting it all in isn't a problem.

Zafar said...

I suppose you are already done with the lifting of heavy furniture or for that matter dragging of it so this tip might not be helpful now but for future reference you can use pieces of carpet under each leg and then drag. Just make sure that fabric side of carpet is facing down towards ground, the piece should be big enough to lifted from all four sides and tied up around the leg. It makes is easy to drag and no scratches on the floor.