Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back with a bang

Our arrival home is making the evening television news.

Our container arrived...

...through the front of a neighbour's house.

Fortunately no-one was hurt.

Yesterday I posted that the container truck had broken down and they'd re-scheduled delivery for this morning. Promisingly, the truck arrived on time.


Instead of reversing into the driveway to where they'd unload, the driver made a mysterious and very bad decision.

He parked on the slope between the drive and the road.

He and his crew had a coffee and then decided to reverse the truck to where they should have parked in the first place.

The driver later said the brakes failed, including the hand brake. What happened was that the truck rolled forward, across the road, down the driveway opposite and into the front of the house.

Fortunately the house is built on a steep hill and between the driveway and the house is - was - decking over a deep hole.

That saved the house, the occupants, the driver from a very serious situation because the front wheels went into the hole, the bottom of the truck jammed on the edge and it stopped.

As a result, although the front of the truck hit the front of the house it didn't carry on through.

There is, my neighbour tells me, interior damage to the floor, a couple of walls and a bathroom but an engineer has inspected it and said there's no major structural damage and the house is safe.

Two fire trucks, an ambulance and the police turned out and as it was commuter time the road was chaotic for a while.

Long discussions about what to do took place because the truck loaded with the container is jammed down a deep hole, the road isn't wide enough for a tow truck to manoeuvre even if they could pull it out...so they called for a large crane.

The plan is apparently to lift the front of the truck and drag it back until it's in a position where they can tow it.

It's six hours after the event and the crane has just arrived. I've checked and a lot of men in orange safety jackets are milling about talking, pointing, measuring...

The police say our container is now evidence. They need to keep it for at least 24 hours after they get it out to check that it doesn't break any laws.

The removal company say that as it's a unique situation they can't tell me much more right now.

When the authorities have finished with the container it may come straight to us or it may have to go back to base. They'll give me a new delivery time when they can.

By the way, for anyone who fancies a particularly interesting removal, we're using Allied Pickfords.

I must say that they've been good with communication. They've kept in touch by phone regularly and an executive turned up to apologise and get first-hand information.


Michael Meade said...

WOW...welcome home to Australia! Amazing example of Murphy's law at its worst!!! Hope it all resolves soon

Seabee said...

Yes, another example of the truth of Murphy's Law!

Martín said...

I guess that gives a new meaning to the word "moving in".
Dropped by from The Goat's blog, like it, will read it through little by little.
Thanks for taking the time to write.

Seabee said...

Martin, thanks for visiting.

Grumpy Goat said...

"Warning! Your neighbours the Seabees are here!"

What an astonishing way to arrive. I'm so glad to learn that no-one was hurt, and that damage to your personal effects was limited.