Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot & cold

The weather here in Dubai is very different from Terrigal at the moment.

Friends tell me it staggered up to 12C in Terrigal, while here the top today is set to reach 45C.

That's in the shade of course, as temps are measured internationally, so out in the sun it'll be much closer to 50C. The humidity isn't as bad as it usually is in July so as I love the heat for me it's not uncomfortable.

Mind you, you can't spend too much time out and about in fifty degrees.

The big problem we've been having is the sand and dust. For the past couple of weeks the conditions have conspired to give us air we have to eat rather than breathe.

The world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, has been looking like this:

Photo: Karen Dias Gulf News

The forecaster today added that "skies are beginning to clear". I hope they're right, thick dusty air is the absolute worst condition in my opinion.

By the way, my friends also told me a bloody cockatoo has been stealing all the oranges from the tree in my backyard back in Terrigal. A small tree, it had something over thirty oranges which were ripening nicely. The cockie obviously knew when they were ready and has been taking them so I've told my friends to go and get the rest for themselves.

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