Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A doddle

I'm getting the paperwork sorted out for the move back to Oz and I did the car ownership transfer yesterday. I wasn't looking forward to dealings with a government department and its bureaucrats and I was astonished to discover that it was easy, quick and efficient.

There's a Traffic Department nearby. The information desk person directed us to the adjacent Tasjeel facility where, he told us, they would do everything.

Both buyer and seller have to go together and the car has to be re-tested and re-registered, regardless of how recently it was last done.

I paid AED150 ($37) for Express 'Drive Thru' Service and it was well worth it. We parked the car and sat in the air-conditioned office while someone took the car, jumped the queue, put it on the test bed and did whatever was necessary. Ten minutes later the car was driven back to the office.

Meanwhile we handed over insurance policies (the buyer has to be insured before the transaction can take place), copies of our passports including the residence visa page, driving licences, the existing registration card. Completed a simple one sheet form with basic information about the two people and the vehicle. Paid the fees.

That's it. Ten minutes later we were handed all the receipts, the buyer was given the new rego card. Done

It was one of the simplest transactions I've ever had with a government department anywhere.

One interesting fact. The whole transaction was done in English even though we're in an arabic country and the officer was a local Emirati. Can you imagine the uproar if in somewhere like Australia our dealings with a government department had to be carried out in a language other than English? The Emiratis take it with good grace and humour.

It is, incidentally, a reflection of one of the things I particularly like about Dubai, it's truly international. Emiratis make up only about 15% of the total population and the other 85% is from just about every country on the planet. Fortunately we have a common language, English, with which to communicate.

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