Monday, March 07, 2011

It's getting dangerous

I said in my last post I'd talk about the vicious nature of the attacks on political opponents, particularly from the far right, copying what's happening in the US.

Unlike the US, where the fringe Tea Party is pushing their mainstream party to the right, here it's the official opposition which is doing the pushing. But like US we have the so-called shock jocks of talk-back radio right behind them.

They were accurately described by Ian Verrender in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day as "furious frothing creatures ramping up the debate and whipping up a storm of outrage in the hope of picking up some ratings".

Full of their own importance, their pomposity was perfectly illustrated by Alan The Parrot Jones on 2GB.

The Prime Minister of Australia was ten minutes later than the appointed time for an interview and Jones believes he is important enough to launch into a tirade berating her for it.

He constantly interrupted her, overtalked her, called her not Prime Minister but Julia.

I would have said: "You are showing no respect for the office of Prime Minister of Australia. This interview is ended". Regrettably the PM didn't do that.

The Opposition, as expected under the leadership of one of John Winston Howard's attack dogs, finds issues on which they can express their fake rage. A few weeks back it was the flood levy. Now it's the carbon tax. They'll find something else after that.

It's not the policies they're really against, they're just used as a rallying flag. The shock jocks jump on the latest bandwagon even though they and their rabid followers don't understand the subjects they're frothing at the mouth against.

That's not what it's about. It's about power for the pollies and ratings for the jocks.

MPs in favour of the carbon tax are revealing that they're receiving death threats, demonstrating the irresponsible use of vitriol in the race for power, which is really what it's all about. It's about the Opposition removing the government so that they can have the power. How they do it, following the appalling example of JWH, is irrelevant. The end justifies the means.

And of course there are plenty of people who fall for it and take it to the predictable next level. Here's an example of the intellects we're dealing with, a message left for Independent MP Tony Windsor:

"You're a liar, a dog, a rat, a big MP dog... and you wait you're not going to get voted in again. I hope you die, you bastard," the caller said.

We're rapidly moving into very dangerous waters here and instead of pulling back to a more rational, intelligent debate our politicians are going to take us further out.

Tony Abbott won't condemn the comments from his party members, won't distance himself from them. That's no surprise, he learned under the patronage of John Howard. He'll do and say anything to get to The Lodge and just like his mentor he'll then do and say anything to stay there.

The cliche has it that people get the politicians they deserve.

Like so many cliches it's wrong. We don't deserve this lot, whatever political colour they are.

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