Friday, March 04, 2011

Bottom of the barrel politics

As I've said in earlier posts, I was less than impressed by John Winston Howard's way of going about politics

And I've been unimpressed by our state politicians for longer than I can remember. Just think back to the Premiers and their governments' achievements over, say, the past quarter century...Unsworth, Greiner, Fahey, Carr, Iemma, Rees, Keneally.

Can you think of anything that lot have done to improve things for us, of any improvements to the state.

But I've been away for five years and I've missed the daily exposure to our elected representatives' behaviour.

Back in Oz and listening to them now I'm appalled. I'm disgusted. They really don't deserve to be there. This is the behaviour of bad mannered school children.

No wonder we have the undemocratic compulsory voting system which doesn't allow us to withhold our votes in disgust. No-one would vote for them other than the diehard party faithful, whose vote is not a positive for their own people but a negative to keep the other lot out.

I was going to talk about the level of debate but I won't dignify their antics with that term. There is no debate.

There's screaming and shouting, there are personal insults flying. The Speaker bellows 'Order! Order!' which they ignore. Comparing the PM to the madman Gaddafi is just the latest example.

Given the opportunity, MPs won't talk about their policies, instead they just slag off the other party.

And what they say seems to have been written by ten year old schoolboys.

There's another fine example of this captured on video in the Senate, from Senator Mary Jo Fisher.

But it's actually much worse than just appalling scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel behaviour.  We have the vicious nature of the attacks, particularly from the far right, copying what's happening in the US. That's worthy of a separate post so I'll talk about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, check these links and weep at the level our politicians have descended to.

Watch the video here.

Gillard-Gaddafi comparison, and more.

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