Friday, January 14, 2011

First steps

Well, we've taken the first steps in moving back to Terrigal from Dubai.

I e-mailed some removalists, two of the four have bothered to call me so I've arranged for them to come and give us a quote.

Mrs Seabee has resigned from her company, the big boss is in town today to discuss it so I guess by the end of the day we'll know how much notice they think they'll need and therefore when she can leave. I think it's going to be about May before we're back.

I'll be back for February, getting some stuff done around the house. It's been leased out for the past five years so there's work to be done.

Not too much, because we had good tenants for the last three years who looked after the place well. But earlier tenants obviously left the doors and windows open during rain because there's damage to the hardwood floors, so two rooms need sanding and polishing.

The wind blowing through from those open doors & windows has obviously caused the front door to slam many times because the stained glss has seven broken panels. So a new door is on the shopping list for February.

And it's time to repaint the whole house, it looks a bit grubby and a coat of paint will freshen it up nicely.

The garden was a jungle but we got on top of that when we were back over Christmas. Got gardeners in to get rid of the fishbone fern that had just about taken over in the front. I tied to deal with the fern myself but there was just too much of it, and it was too well established. It took four trailer loads to the tip to get rid of it.

And we had four tall cocos palms taken out. I like them but the mess from the fruit and falling fronds isn't worth it. A couple of straggly bottlebrushes went too.

There's still a lot to do but I can manage from now on, and I enjoy being out gardening in the fresh air.

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