Monday, January 17, 2011

Second steps

Starting to get the estimates for our furniture to be shipped back to Terrigal from Dubai and I was reasonably pleased with the prices.

I expected higher but the three quotes I have are all between $6,000 and $7,000 door-to-door.

Checking around with friends who've moved on in recent times I got a list of removalists who haven't done too much damage. There are plenty of horror stories about, so getting recommendations is better than just picking the cheapest.

Then there's the car - I have a Mazda6 here. I thought Murphy's Law had struck yesterday when a loud and expensive sounding noise started coming from somewhere when I put it in drive gear.

"Bloody hell. A new gearbox", I thought, "Just before I want to sell it".

I took it straight to the Mazda dealer who fortunately diagnosed it as damaged engine mountings, and they found a leaking hose. It'll be fixed by this evening for about $100.



Anonymous said...

Get rid of it now, while the the going's good, and rent until you leave. Remember our fiasco with the Jag? Just before we left we had to spend a fortune on the transmission, to say nothing of the cars we had to rent while it was in the shop during all FIVE attempts to fix it. Cars KNOW you're leaving. Get it sold.

Seabee said...

Good advice. When I get back from Oz in early March I'll start the process.