Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back for a month

Flights are booked and I'm flying back to Sydney on Monday. I'll leave again early March for what should be the last trip back to Dubai before our permanent move back.

I'm using up Air Miles points, the equivalent of the Aussie FlyBuys, so I'm with Malaysian Arlines. Not the most convenient, with a stop in Karachi, an aircraft change in KL and a total of 18 hours. Add on the journeys to & from airports plus check-in time and door-to-door looks like being close to 24 hours.

I'd use Emirates' non-stop flights by choice but they want four times the number of points being charged by MAS.

It's a straight change-over in KL with one hour between arrival of one flight and departure of the next, so fingers crossed we arrive on time...and the luggage gets transferred.

We travelled for years without luggage ever going astray, but over the past seven or eight years it seems to have become pretty regular.  Each time though the airline has found it, undamaged, and couriered it on to us.

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