Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More water than we need. But...

Hundreds of billions of litres of water all over the area and all but the tiny percentage that happened by chance to fall in the catchment areas will simply end up in the ocean.

We really do need to call our politicians to account for their appalling mismanagement and incompetence.

Central Coast dams 90% empty, yes 90%, and the water that we do receive is deliberately thrown away.

It's not that we don't actually collect a lot of it. All the rain that hits the roads, the roofs, the built-up areas has to be collected by guttering, down-pipes, drains. We get that bit right.

Then having collected it, what do we do? We put it all together and funnel it out to sea.

Meanwhile the fools blather on endlessly about new dams, about desalination.

COME ON!! We know the problem, we know how to fix it. Use the water we collect instead of sending it out to sea.

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