Thursday, May 17, 2007

Government Water Policy: 'Pray for Rain'.

If it wasn't so tragic, displaying such lack of vision, you'd have to laugh.

"I say without any hint of irony, you should all continue to pray for rain.
John Winston Howard.

In denial in the face of the evidence of global climate change, in denial that the endless drought, the empty dams, the year after year lack of rainfall could be the result of it.

Record windfall tax revenues from Australian companies. Record commodity prices, because of other countries' explosive development, not our government's policies.

But the well-being of Australia and our future is ignored in favour of self-interest, of buying the next election time after time, of retaining power with handouts. No investment in the creaking infrastructure that's hindering our exports. No investment in water management.

Keep spending the money to keep yourself in power and tell us to 'pray for rain'.

History will judge John Howard harshly.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

That'll have'em rolling in the aisles, John.

"We won't buy poll victory: Howard"
JOHN Howard says he will not recklessly spend his way out of electoral trouble to gain a boost in the polls, and had not expected an immediate boost in popularity from the recent budget.

So says the report in The Australian.

Well, the polls are saying we're going to take the money, but not thank you for it.

60% said it was a good budget, 11% were neutral, 17% uncommitted and only 12% said it was bad.

But on the two party preferred vote, it's 59% Labor, 41% Coalition.

So in spite of the transparent attempt to buy the election, in spite of the diversion of investment from creaking infrastructure, from the water crisis, from anything with vision, to vote-buying handouts - it seems to have failed.

And not surprisingly, JWH has the bare-faced nerve to tell us it was never intended as a vote-buying budget and he didn't expect a poll advantage.

Ho, ho, ho.

I wonder how that compares with the private conversations they've been having.

I'm pleased to say that it looks as though, whatever tricks he tries, the Australian people have had enough of John Winston Howard.

Stand by for some more dirty tricks - along the lines of previous ones - 'never ever be a GST' or 'children overboard' for example.

Newspoll is here.

The report is here.