Thursday, March 15, 2007

Waste of time, waste of our money.

There's a story in Murdoch's tabloid rag about a racist attack in Campbelltown.

"A white supremacist gang is believed to be responsible for a brutal attack on students and teachers at a Campbelltown high school yesterday" it tells us.

Towards the end of the report these paragraphs caught my eye.

They raise a few questions in my mind.

If the gangs were clearly identified as long ago as 2003, why and how are they still operating? What have the police been doing?

If Taskforce Var was set up as long ago as 2002 to tackle gangs in schools, how and why do we continue to have attacks by intruders? And, for God's sake at a rate of more than one a day!

And last but not least, how much of our tax dollars went into these operations, which have obviously been an abject, total failure?

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