Monday, March 12, 2007

Australia's future

How many times are we told that Australia's future is safe in the hands of our wonderful youth?

The trouble is, there are too many like this pair of mindless morons.

Duck killed, pigs hurt in attack


A DUCK was killed and two pigs were attacked with a shovel on Monday after two students broke into Brisbane Water Secondary College.

The pair, both aged 14, of Umina Beach and Ettalong Beach, climbed barbed wire fences to carry out the attack.

It is understood the students gained access to the college's animal enclosures sometime between 5.40pm and 7.15pm.

Once inside, the students allegedly killed a large white duck by stomping on its head.

They then used a shovel to attack a large Berkshire pig being groomed for this year's Royal Easter Show in Sydney.

It was expected to be put down this week if vets confirmed the animal had suffered a broken hip or left hind leg.

Another pig suffered eye injuries and cuts to its body.

Nesting ducks were chased and tormented in the raid with one being thrown into the pig enclosure.

Middle school Parents and Citizens president Bruce Graf said it was disturbing anyone would attack defenseless creatures.

"It's very disheartening because the students put so much time and effort into looking after the animals,'' he said.

Brisbane Water crime manager Chief-Insp Darren Bennett confirmed two young people had been identified in relation to an incident at the school.

He said they would be spoken to and allegations of animal cruelty would be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.

Central Coast Express Advocate

Spoken too and dealt with under the Young Offenders Act? They need to be taken to with a shovel and have their heads stomped on.

Today it's defenceless animals, tomorrow defenceless people. Get these criminals off our streets now and punish them severely enough for them to be too terrified to continue their evil ways.

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