Monday, October 30, 2006

No 'resignation', the sheikh must be removed. Now.

According to press reports, the mad fanatic al Hilaly has asked to be placed on 'indefinite leave'.

That is not good enough.

The Muslim community is being hugely ill-served by the Lebanese Muslim Association, owners of Lakemba mosque where the crazed addresses are being delivered.

They must demonstrate clearly that his views are repugnant to mainstream Muslims and remove him. Immediately. With no further discussion or dithering.

Anything less is unacceptable.

Hand wringing and complaining about Muslim-bashing is feeble, weak, if they won't take this action to promote the true story. They have the opportunity to demonstrate to the non-Muslim community that these stone-age opinions are those of a tiny minority of fanatics. That they are not the opinion of the vast majority of Muslims. That they are not a correct interpretation of Islam.

They can do that by removing permission for him to use the mosque. With immediate effect. Do not allow him to 'resign' or take 'indefinite leave'. They must no longer allow him to use the mosque. By doing so they demonstrate their rejection of the madman and his extreme opinions. By not doing so they encourage Australians to believe they agree with his views, that his views reflect Islamic thinking.

That is as insane as the mad sheikh's ravings!

The wider Muslim community leaders must get together as a matter of extreme urgency and dismiss him as Mufti of Australia & New Zealand. The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that such a meeting is being discussed, but discussing it is simply not good enough.

Even worse, the president of the Lebanese Muslim Association is quoted as saying: "This will take time to resolve and we are not going to be rushed or pressured into making a decision. The Mufti's comments are embarrassing and we regret that he made them, but the issue of his future standing has to be worked through."

No, no no! The issue isn't in any doubt. His views are unacceptable to the Australian community, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. He must be removed, he must be seen to be removed. At the earliest possible moment.

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