Tuesday, October 03, 2006

David Hicks

Just reading an update on David Hicks, held in Guantanamo now for almost five years without trial. It isn't new but I was reminded again about the non-existent link with justice in the whole sorry issue.

I fully supported the international, legal decision to invade Afghanistan and remove the Taliban, because of their practical support for terrorists. (The lack of planning what to do after the inevitable victory is another story altogether).

However, the Taliban were the government of the day - Hicks was captured fighting for the government of the day against invading armies. That makes him a prisoner of war and he should have been treated as such. As the awful Ruddock and Howard have said on several occasions, he committed no crime under Australian law.

But in the surreal, bizarre world the current American regime has created, Hicks, a prisoner of war, is charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes and attempted murder.


The UK and Australia, to their neverending shame, go along with this and the rest of the world looks the other way.

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